Thursday, 7 March 2013


Sarah Maple

This week I want to show you something from Sarah Maple. She's an amazing young artist working with painting and photography and even some guerilla style political stuffs. She's so cool.

For my dissertation, I was looking into controversy within art, and especially within the Middle East and Muslim women. Maple, being a Muslim herself, but living in Britain gives her the freedom to make interesting, uncensored work. And boy does she make the most of it. She's ruffled a few feathers in her time but it is all with good intention.

I for one think controversy is of major importance, especially in art. Life would be so boring if no one ever tested political, social boundaries. And Sarah is especially interesting to me, as she's a feminist, and a Muslim, two things we don't often associate together. She was even kind enough to do an online interview with me for my work, so extra cool points to her!

Self Portrait with my Mother's Headscarf and the breast...

This was one of the images I used to illustrate Maples work in my dissertation. It was hard to chose from the huge collection Maple has created for herself, but something drew me to this painting (ye ye not the boob!) but it's a really striking image to have the association of the Islamic headscarf and nudity in one image. Anyway, I highly recommend as always to check out her other work, she really does have a mixture of different media, styles etc so there plenty to look at!


Image © Sarah Maple