Friday, 8 March 2013

International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day to all you awesome females around the world! 

I think it's great to have a day like this (and just after World book day too - what an great week!) as it's not only fantastic to celebrate being a woman and to rejoice in all the progress we have made over the years, but it's also a great way to support and raise awareness of the women who do not yet have to safety, security and privileges that others do. By 'privileges' I actually mean, an entitlement to education, freedom of speech, and generally not being subjected, discriminated and abused. Hmm, Privileges. 

I'm often asked "why are you a feminist when you live in Britain, surely there's no need?" or "feminism is dead, why do you bother?". It is because of these comments that I AM a feminist. We have driven forward massively in the UK in terms of female rights, we can thank the suffragettes for that. I'm lucky that I am in control of my body, I've had great opportunities to study and work, and my dreams are not shattered just because I am a girl. Hurrah! I have however, been subjected to sexual harassment, undermined by men, and witness men objectifying women on a daily basis. These are minor issues compared to the suffering of other women in the world, but it does show that the UK is not as progressed as some people might imagine. 

The main focus for me though is to try in any way to support other women around the world. It doesn't take much searching to realise how differently women are treated in other parts of the world. India for one has been on our news feed's recently, but the hideous violence continues to be rife there. The Middle East and Africa with their high statistics of domestic violence, genital mutilation and attacks are also evidence of horrific actions towards women.

The quote above by Lorde is the best explanation of how I feel. Because I am privileged and have been able to get an education, I am able to stand up for other women who haven't been able to have the same. Maybe just writing a little blog, or getting riled up on social media is not enough, but it's better than nothing. I hope one day that I, along with other awesome women, can make a real difference, like UN Women do throughout the year to support and help change the worlds perception on women.

Today I am proud to be a feminist. And I hope that all the women out there today walk with their head held high knowing how absolutely amazing she is. 

Happy International Women's Day everyone! 


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